My name is Ayak Mithyang, and my mission is to help the children of South Sudan. That is why I created Ayaks Helping Hands.

Our goal is to build schools and healthcare centers throughout South Sudan. We want the at-risk children of South Sudan to have an opportunity to attend schools, to have basic medical care. In South Sudan today, nothing like this exists.

We already have one building completed and a second building in progress. School supplies have been donated and are ready to ship.

We plan to hire teachers and supply needed school supplies. We will provide medical personnel and medical supplies for treating children.

We are securing partnerships and grants from school and medical companies to donate supplies and equipment.

Ayaks Helping Hands is led by two people who lived in South Sudan and are acutely aware of the needs of children there. They know who to contact for assistance in South Sudan.

With the dedication of these two individuals, our work has already begun. Imagine how contributions from people around the world will enable South Sudan to become a safer and better place for the children.

Thank you for your generous donation!

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